Anthronix offers a wide range of Continuous Development Programmes and Consulting services as outlined below.

Networking Solutions

Anthronix focuses on the supply, implementation, maintenance and support of network infrastructure. Its area of expertise lies in broad-based systems integration with its specific strength in the application of the most appropriate and effective information technology infrastructure for the job, thereby assuring competitive advantage for our large, medium and small clients.

Our areas of expertise are:

  • Microsoft Server Platforms, including Terminal Servers.
  • Thin Client Technology.
  • Network, computer and Printer Service Level Agreements (SLA).
  • Router configurations for your WAN Network.


Our speciality is in the value added to the supply, implementation, maintenance and support of hardware requirements for our clients. We provide a cost effective solution for our clients according to requirements and budgets. Value added services provided by Anthronix include pre-loading software according to client’s needs, delivery and set-up directly to the clients desktop. Connectivity and set-up of application are but a few of the services provided with the supply of IT related hardware.

Our areas of expertise are:

  • Stand alone and rack mounted Servers.
  • Printers from desktop and group printers including lasers, dot matrix, plotters and ink jet printers.
  • Desktop PC’s, Workstations and Dump Terminals.
  • PC, Monitor and Printer Repairs.
  • Long term Equipment and Infrastructure Rental Agreements.

Learning Program Skills

Skill NQF Credits Duration
Computer skills 2 14 2 days
MS Word 2 - 4 14 6 days
MS Excel 2 - 4 14 6 days
MS Power Point 2 - 4 14 6 days
MS Access 2 - 4 14 6 days

Cabling and other Solutions

The providing of complete cable, wireless and power solutions tailored to meet the requirements of the network architecture, within budgetary and scheduling constraints. We provide our clients with the solution that is correctly designed, cost effective and provides the future proofing required supporting existing and emerging network technologies.