Historical background

Anthronix Business Consultants is a newly registered company with ownership that is 100% black and HDI status. Anthronix Business Consultants has been in existence for 9 years of outstanding track record.

Training & Development Context

With the implementation of the 2nd phase of National Skills Development Strategy (NSDS) it has become imperative that South Africa’s greatest asset is its people. Continuation of developing skills as a key to unlocking our potential, with globalisation on the one extreme and the need for social development on the other, Growth and Development Strategy (GDS) remain part of our focus.

It is widely agreed that South Africa is not yet equipped with the skills it needs for economic growth, employment creation and social development. Hence, the Skills Development Act and Skills Development Levies Act were passed in 1998 and 1999 respectively to support NSDS. Anthronix is committed to contributing actively to the NSDS as a credible and capable provider of Continuous Professional Training and Development services.

Skills development is as much about building the capacity of people to engage in decisions as responsible and economically active individuals in society as to execute the roles and functions that they are assigned to perform. In the workplace the decisions are about productivity, the organisation of work and technology. In new and small enterprises they are about entrepreneurship, sustainability and growth and in communities they are about focus, pace and trade-off linked to local economic development.

It is with this in mind that Anthronix has developed a solution-driven product offering which is continuously improved and aligned to specific client needs. We deal with people – the single most valuable and success-determining resource any organisation can have. Hence at Anthronix we regard learning as a lifelong process. Communities and workplaces are changing continuously. If individuals are to shape these changes and take advantage of them to improve the quality of their lives and the organisations they work for, they need to upgrade and improve their skills continuously. Technological developments and dramatic changes in the accessibility of information have led to a demand for compatible skills.

In order to meet our customer satisfaction – our role is work with them as a strategic partner in training and development needs analysis. We believe that an organisation’s training must be linked to the customers’ business performance in order for it to achieve its goals through improvement of human performance and enabling organisations to prospects of higher sales, growth and greater profitability.

In conclusion, Anthronix is much more than a service provider because it offers a ‘total solution’ to both the organisation and the individual needs.

Black Empowerment

Anthronix is 100 % black owned Black Empowerment Organisation that promotes equal opportunity and fair treatment for all those who work for our organisation in order to achieve a diverse workforce broadly representative of the people of all colour.

Black economic empowerment (BEE) is an integral part of South Africa’s transformation process. It offers tremendous opportunities for both local and international entrepreneurs, since its aims are to develop both the supply and demand side of the SA economy to its full potential.

Joint Ventures

Anthronix Business Consultants has no Joint Venture agreements. We want to form strategic alliances where we are able to identify opportunities based on professional products and services availability.

To this end Anthronix Business Consultants is continually seeking to develop and advance new opportunities within organisations and investor bodies that will provide both equity and capacity building to meet the Broad-based BEE opportunities inherent in this country.

Capacity to deliver

National Footprint

With a committed team of experienced IT specialists, Anthronix Business Consultants is fully resourced to deliver cutting edge ICT services and solutions to Information Communication Technology industry, parastatals and government organizations through the national infrastructure.

Although Anthronix has its base at Giyani, Limpopo, a national footprint has been developed during the course of ICT delivery. We have rendered training services in Mpumalanga, KwaZulu Natal (MTN connectivity project) and Limpopo through Collins Trust and Giyani Science Centre ICT Project.

Anthronix was appointed to assist the District Municipality in conversion of existing infrastructure

CAD files and DWG layers into ARCGIS 10.2 compatible Shapefile format. The scope of work covered the following:

Data Cleaning:

Line connectivity-clean undershoot an overshoot
Shaping electrical lines to the point features


Overlay with latest photography and validate the features attributes.


A mapbook was compiled, geo referencing of CAD drawing with the map showing the extent of the coverage of the electrical infrastructure

Land use Management System
  • Land use verification
  • Zoning verification
  • Electronic update of data
  • Surveyor general information cross referral with land use management plan

Financial Sustainability

Anthronix, a financially sustainable private company complies with all legislative requirements to trade as an accredited (in progress) training provider and is fully capable of delivering quality service. Relevant information and supporting documentation can be disclosed upon request.

Alignment to Employment Equity

Anthronix is an equal opportunity employer that promotes empowerment and wealth creation through its policy of advancement on merit. Employment Equity Plans with supporting education and training advancement programmes are in place throughout the Organisation.

Formalised development, training, skills transfer and upliftment policies or practices

  • Formalised Development, Training, Skills Transfer and Upliftment Policies or Practices.
  • Anthronix is committed to the development of its employees and has ensured that it has complied with the requirements of the Employment Equity Act and the Skills Development Act.
  • To this end, we have a national Employment Equity Committee and a Skills Development Committee. We have an ETD Implementation Co-Ordinator who co-ordinates the activities of several Skills Development Facilitators.
  • We also have a Performance Management system, which has been designed from within. Individual development plans are compiled for employees as part of our annual skills plan submission.
  • Anthronix also offers internships to suitable students (High School) from disadvantaged communities. During the year that they are employed, they are given valuable work experience and training. Anthronix Business Consultants is at the forefront of mentorship initiatives in South Africa and offers support in this regard to our internees and fast-track candidates.


  • Anthronix believes in the rights of all people and that those rights include the right to development or education and the right to be afforded opportunities in which they can be utilised in their field of competency.
  • Anthronix is totally committed to the spirit of the Employment Equity Act and will therefore strive to build an organisation which reflects the demographics of South Africa, as well as maximise the talents and potential of all its employees.
  • We also believe that we cannot operate in a vacuum and are an integral part of the community. As such we will support corporate social investment initiatives and will actively support disadvantaged communities.

Accreditation, Registration & Quality Assurance


Anthronix Business Consultants is in process to be registered with the Department of Labour as a provider of Education, Training and Development. We already registered with CIPRO.


Anthronix Business Consultants is currently in registration process for accreditation as a provider of ISSET SETA.

Anthronix Accreditation status
ETQA / Registering Institution Accreditation / Registration Number
ISSET SETA Registration in progress
Department of Labour (DoL)  

All of our programmes are NQF-compliant in that they are:

  • Accessible to learners from a wide variety of language, cultural and economic backgrounds
  • Aligned to registered South African Unit Standards where available (enabling learners to achieve credits towards National Qualifications)
  • Modularised in order to offer learners easy entry and exit points
  • Portable (able to be used by learners as components of a career path)
  • Designed to incorporate skills that relate to the critical cross-field outcomes

Anthronix Business Consultants is proud of its value-added approach to people Development, in that:

  • Pre-assessments are conducted in order to recognize prior learning. This means that learners are credited for what they already know and can do, and only have to attend those parts of a learning programme that they truly need to become competent.
  • Training is fully customised to suit the needs of the client, and programme activities are designed to ensure that learners are afforded the opportunity to relate the programme content to their own work situations
  • Learners are equipped with the resources for measurable application of the knowledge and skills required by the Unit Standards
  • Learners are assisted with the process of professional certification and registration where Applicable.


Anthronix is committed to ensuring that all activities of the organisation are carried out in a systematic manner in accordance with defined and documented Policies and Procedures, in order to meet applicable legislative requirements and ensure that the needs of learners, staff and stakeholders are met.

Anthronix has an informally documented Quality Management System (QMS), which includes Policies, Procedures and Review Mechanisms. The Quality Management System is documented in the Anthronix Policies and Procedures Manual.

Anthronix realises that Quality is the responsibility of all personnel, and therefore promotes a Quality Culture within the organisation by means of sharing information, involving staff members in decision making, and delegating specific Quality Management functions to suitably competent persons.

The Quality Committee, formed from members of Anthronix, has been allocated responsibilities for ensuring the effective implementation of specific procedures. The Quality Committee meets on a regular basis in order to review the continued suitability, relevance and effectiveness of the Quality Management System; records of such reviews, and actions arising, are maintained. Where deficiencies are found, related to the operation of the Quality Management System, corrective and preventative action is taken to ensure continual improvement of policies and procedures.