Anthronix Business Consultants is a leading provider for the corporate sector as well as the relevant statutory quality assurance bodies that seek to address the skills need in the country.


Anthronix ‘s mission is to provide skills and Information & Communications Technology services focused on optimising productivity through a strategy-integrated and solutions driven approach in order to achieve continuous professional development of people as the success-determining asset within organisations.


With the advent of the skills development needs originating from historically created inequalities evidenced by the enacted legislative framework supporting Black Economic Empowerment (BEE) initiatives, Anthronix has positioned itself strategically to satisfy the purpose through delivery of relevant training and Technical services as required by the current South African environment.


Anthronix’s core focus is to deliver training and Technical services to corporate and government/municipality clients there by building human capital based on service delivery and excellence through teamwork and a shared vision of customer satisfaction. Anthronix’s ability to connect people, productivity and performance creates a dynamic suite of end-to-end training and IT solutions that can be tailored to meet the customer’s needs.